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I have my comments as they are submitted to the entire public view.

On behalf of the message that she is representing


I have a local HIV/aids community out of bounds --- WAY OFF THE CHARTS! ---

You're in a huge conflict of disturbing the peace - the peace and well being of me, the local community member here in Apt 112.

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Hi James-


I’m very sorry I missed you today.  I know that you have been calling me – I have been out on a few of my properties completing some inspections and such.  I will be in the office most of next week if you would like to coordinate a time to visit. 


I began reading your posts at longwalkofbeauty.us on my lunches this week and I found myself thinking a lot about it after I go home for the evening.   Please know that I am very glad to know you. 


Please know I will read what you send me as your journey is important to me. 






You are not a fool's errand with this hate agenda against me.

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My Name Is Martin Driskill.


I am requesting that everyone now refer to me by my middle name as my primary name is reference to my peace building efforts in relation to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I was born on September 1st 1965 in San Bernardino CA,
By given real legal given at birth is
James [ First ]  Martin [ Middle ]   Driskill [ Last ]

I was of the fetal age of 3 months when the history of race relations in the United States historical events.

Selma to Montgomery March (1965)

On Mon, Nov 14, 2016 at 9:28 PM, Martin J. Driskill <inthemindway@gmail.com> wrote:

YOU decide what you will and won't tolerate in your life. You have the right to say no.

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J Martin Driskill
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J Martin Driskill
J Martin Driskill Dr Laura -- you have my introduction - My name is James Martin Driskill - I live in Denver Colorado in HIV/AIDS HOPWA HUD Subsided housing... There has been an on going hate harassment and personal hate agenda targeted against me --- for the calling of individuals out from this community into involvements into my personal life space that at the time appeared to not be holding respectful considerations for any kind of attempt at placing boundaries into my life space here --- time and time -- new person after new person after new person would be called into connecting and involving themselves into my life and personal space here which ended in chaos after chaos after chaos time and time again. - I could not indeed control these people to place any at all boundaries to which I DECLARED both in verbal form in directive assertions and in writing after they done their, behaviors, attitudes, and anti-social normal actions within my life. Actually, the video presentation that best opens this up to public world view -- has a very distributing event that was captured onto video recording and posted here on Facebook to the activities of Mawuna Harris back in May. There is a bicycle left over here in my space as an abandoned property object from these events. The original owner was brought over here to my apartment by Mr Harris directly. To the events that now places this bicycle as abandoned property in my care for these many months -- just in October --- I had an encounter with another direct inter-building resident tenant who subverts himself to the claim that this bicycle now is his property given to him by it's owner -- a discussion conversation that occurs outside of my personal knowing ---- and that this bicycle now has been claimed to his and not mine. THIS BEING the CASE -- this makes this bicycle object of abandoned property from May - an object of proving case -- by the preponderance of the evidence level confirmed that the originating source point of this on going harassment and hate campaign set up against me was truly not of independent community members from outside creating these disturbances into my space of apartment 112 in this building but indeed the source of these actors of conspirators were called into action against me from within this very own building -- just outside of my own apartment itself. Some other person here in this building is of moral responsibility and moral accountability fore this. Not ME. I have indeed DETAIL AFTER DETAIL after DETAIL documented and recorded these involvements into this space that has been going on for months and months and months with basically no stoppage until just notable recently. No one wants to SPEAK -- every one wants to call me to NOT COMMUNICATE AT ALL. in it. A CONSPIRACY has been EXPOSED -- and no one wants to OWN UP to their RESPONSIBILITIES to the CAUSE of ACTIONS of THE TRUTH. I really need an outside counsel of LEADERSHIP and POWERS PRESSURES to BRING FORWARD RESOLUTION apart from OPPRESSION to which their resounding scope of focus is some kind of CASE COMPLAINT to set forth into EVICTION. I gave you a full and complete truthful introduction to whom I am --- all facts not deceptions. They cannot be here completely silent -- because indeed I can in fact use Facebook tagging -- and I CHOOSE that TAGGING BINDING to their BS HATE HIDDEN AGENDA. Dr Laura : Chesney-Kleinjohn Housing Inc : Rocky Mountain CARES : Denver Colorado AIDS Project : UCHealth - University of Colorado Hospital : AIDS Healthcare Foundation : Peak Wellness Center : Also in line of public celebrity here is Metta World Peace : Magic Johnson Foundation : Rachel Maddow : The Rachel Maddow Show : Barack Obama : President Obama : Pontifex : This post is very very much real. : Youtube Video Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist... : CONFIRM the understandings that are needed here. You must reply please. : As an USA Citizen, ability to live truly free pursuits of happiness elusive - exposed conspiracy -- This is a very long video play list address. -
J Martin Driskill
J Martin Driskill
J Martin Driskill
J Martin Driskill
J Martin Driskill