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J Martin Driskill
September 4 at 3:11amDenver

**** DONATIONS ACCEPTED *** If you like the peace building words of conscience and thought coming as orginial content of fully wide spread spectrum sharing out from this space here [ In The Mindway ], would you please support my ability to bring into technology new toy tools playful awareness by donating to my mission work cause, of community peace building - $1 or $2 or more if you can afford it --- it will go to the mission world of making new media to the mission of complete world wide peace, Thank you Kindly. -Martin :

Great Reasons Us [ You There, I Here, And All Around Us Now ] Will Unite Peace

In The Mindway Skin

It is the pathway that the mind travels that is so sacred.
We are all sharing so free without hatred.
There are no limits to stop us, so no reason to quit.
The Universe of happiness and it's discovery is out there,
Let's Get On It, it's our trip.

-In The Mindway 1998-

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