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Regina Foose I miss your smooshy face
J Martin Driskill Hi Christine -- I hope all is well -- I know your posts don't come through often -- I think of you --- I really do. I am not sure what you know of the events that transpires after your leaving the house in December and the relationship of Eric Maier. Eric has been given corrective truth to circumstances he refuses to accept -- and holds an attitude that I am the fault at all standing. I am sure this indifference of truth is partially responsible for your break up too. Perhaps or perhaps not ---but he does not acknowledged me -- and for that is is a sad state that I know I have to pass this detail through you to ensure his receipt. It will remain filed there until he understands his role in this is more effectively offensive than Michael's --- and cannot be left to just walk away from. Thank you . That is not a peaceful and pleasant way of being friends at all.
Stanton Peele Addiction in Society Normalizing Drug Use Drug use does not become and remain addictive more often than other involvements Posted Apr 25, 2014
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